I make textile landscape images, flora and animal motifs - sewn up in a naturalistic expression. I sew on a simply Bernina in free motion embroidery.

As long as I can remember, my creative side had a great impact in my life. From very young girl, i have tried a lot of different sides of the hand work art. I have made my own clothes, chrotheted, knitted, patchwork, embroidered and made procelain dolls. 

In approx. 1992 I discovered the patchworks many options and it quickly became my overriding interest. With alle respect for the old traditional designs, I found quickly out of - it gave me value - was to work with the thought challenge. This has meant that I have often made patchwork quilts of different nature.

Around 2005, I met textile images that challenged me on my craftsmanship and my creative thougt.

The subjects I find in the natural environment that surrounds us, as luxuriantly gives its inspiration from him, and that gives us the abillity to feel and sense, if you have an eye for its beauty and diversity.

I have no chraft or art education behind me, but is self-taught through the many creative challenges I have always given myself.

But the challenges fascinates me and every day a source of joy, well-being and development.

I hope my photos will bring joy and experience for thoose who are watching.